Download Process

To install Station Platform in Trainz Simulator Android, you can follow these steps:-

  1. Download the Platform file from the darKnights website for free.
  2. Extract the contents of the downloaded Platform file to a folder on your android phone using the Z-Archiver app.
  3. Then navigate it to Android > Data > com.n3vgames > Files > User Data > Original.
  4. Create a New Hash / paste it in a existing hash folder.
  5. Then delete the ‘assests.tdx’ file from user data panel.
  6. Also delete another ‘assests.tdx’ file from Files > Trainz Resources > Prebuilt.
  7. Remove the game from the recent tabs & clear cache.
  8. To ensure the sky texture is downloaded properly open game & go to edit session of any route.
  9. Click on ‘Spline’. Then search for the downloaded platform.

If the sky texture is not visible, then follow these steps:-

  1. After ensuring that the downloaded sky Platform is not visible, close the game & remove it from the recent tabs.
  2. Open Z-Archiver. Check the hash where you have pasted the sky Platform.
  3. If the Platform file is missing from the hash where you pasted it, then there’s a possibility that already a sky Platform exists with the same kuid number.
  4. To solve the problem follow the steps. Download “Quick Edit” app.
  5. Once again extract the add-on to the hash folder.
  6. Then open the Platform file. Open the ‘config.txt’ file given in it through the Quick Edit app.
  7. Search for the kuid number. Change 1-2 digits of the existing number out of your choice. 
  8. Save it. Delete the ‘assets.tdx’ file once again & open the game. Your problem will be solved. If not then repeat the steps few more times.
  9. You can now enjoy the Platform in your game. If you’re still facing problems, then contact us through the given contacts.

New Platforms Coming Soon

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