Trainz Simulator Android

Download Process

To download & install the game successfully in your android phone follow the steps carefully, or else the game might crash or may not work correctly.


  1. Make sure your phone has sufficient space.
  2. Download the game base apk & install it.
  3. Open the game. it will tell you to download 8 files of 250+ mb.
  4. After it gets downloaded your game screen will turn black.
  5. Do not panic. Remove the game from the recent tabs & open the game once again.
  6. Download the 8 files again. Your game is now successfully installed.
  7. Download the important given along with the base game apk.
  8. Install Z-Archiever app from playstore.
  9. Extract the important file to Android>Data>com.n3v>Files>User Data>Original.
  10. Create a new hash such as (hash-00,hash-01,etc).
  11. Paste the extracted contents into the hash file.
  12. Delete the assests.tdx file from User Data.
  13. Go back to Files> Trainz Resources & delete the assests.tdx file present there.
  14. You can also download All-In-1 Dependency folder.
  15. Your game is 100% sucessfully installed.
  16. To install add-ons watch the given video or read the  description of each add-ons of our website.
  17. Download process of few add-ons has given along with the file.
  18. Any problem arises kindly contact our darknights Team.

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