Trainz Simulator Add-Ons

Key Features

  1. Lag free models.
  2. Originally recorded track sounds for realistic effects.
  3. Realistic Horns.
  4. Realistic Route Activities.
  5. All the features related to the locomotive/coach will be mentioned clearly along with pics.
  6. Every Locomotive/Coach will have 2 variants i.e Freeware & Payware.
  7. Freeware comprises of normal features with basic texturing.
  8. Payware comprises of enhanced features like 3-D textures, realistic horns, modified specifications.


Upload your repaints, routes, activities, etc. on our website so that other players can recognize your potential.

Contact us through social media for uploading. No fees will be charged for this.

You can also request us making your favorite repaint, route, activity, etc. & we will try to make it as soon as possible.

You can also upload your game plays to the website as well.

Upload your add-ons to our website & get chance to get featured on our website.

If you want to use our add-ons in activity then kindly contact Grimmy through his social media. (Due to busy schedule & pending uploads your add-ons will not be uploaded immediately.)

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